Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jacket From China

 One of my dreams had been to have a jacket made in China when I made my recent trip. When my Mother went some 45 years ago she had a coat made and the workmanship was beautiful. I learned that the labor in China is not that cheap anymore. It is still reasonable in comparison to the United States, but not like it used to be. The cheap labor is in Taiwan and Vietnam now. This jacket is cashmere wool and I think they did a beautiful job of fitting. It took three days for them to make the jacket and pants. You can see in this picture that pocket has the lapel out.
 On this picture I have the pocket lapel tucked in. The buttons are covered. It is lined in satin silk.
 I also had the pants made out of cotton denim. I was thinking I was going to have a pair of American blue jeans made and when I asked if they could make some back pockets with sequins and beads they said that was too much work. So these pants are made more like a man's suit pants and fit very well.

I also had two pair of shoes made. They measure your feet and design them the way you want. I haven't received those yet. They said it was going to take four months. They were telling me that they only had ten men that made shoes and they were getting near 65 years old and the younger generation wasn't interested in learning. So it sounds like that art will be lost soon.

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