Wednesday, January 6, 2016


 This pattern has been out for a long time and I had it on my to do list. I finally got to it and I really like it.
 I used fabric from Marcy. The pattern does run big, so I had to go back in take out a 1 inch on the vertical line down the front and back of the legs on each leg. I used a size 14. I have learned that when the pattern runs from 14-20, the 14 is too big for me, but if I buy the 8-16 that 14 is smaller and sometimes I have to go to 16.

I like the pockets. This is a light weight fabric, so it will be good for summer. I have denim that I will make it up in next.

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Rhonda Buss said...

Just doing a little catch up reading. I love these pants!!!