Thursday, November 5, 2015

China It Is

 Here is their beloved Panda Bear. They are so cute.
 A rickshaw ride. We rode through the old district and visited a home that had been owned by five generations. There were no sewers so none of the houses had toilets. Every so often there was a public toilet. I was thinking that I wonder if they go in their pajamas at night.
 The Great Wall. The steps to the top were very irregular. Some where very high and some very small. So it was not easy walking. I only got three/fourths of the way up and altitude really effected me so I had to stop.
I was trying out the exercise equipment that they have in a public senior park. This was really something to see. Seniors exercising. Even some came in their wheel chairs and got out and exercised. They were dancing and doing yoga. They are into little birds and bring their little cages with them. The women are knitting or crocheting in groups. They have card games they are playing. They told me that 1% of the population are in old peoples homes. I can see why. They are keeping themselves so active,


Anonymous said...

What great pictures and with you in them! Thank you for sharing.

Rhonda Buss said...

What a wonderful experience. So happy for you :)