Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vest V1453

 I really like this vest.
 I bought some of Marcy's polyester which she says is the good kind and doesn't get hot. I have never tried it before. It is going to be nice for travel and to wear black and add this for color so it pops.
 I love the back design with the pleat and zipper. It makes a good conversation piece.

The other feature that I added was to put some netting on the inside of the fronts and added to buttoned pockets for when I want something to be secret. I made a mistake on this vest which I made come out anyway. The front bands are suppose to come up to the top of the collar edge. I used a 14 and could of used a little bit more room in the bust area. I did shorten it a inch. I found this a totally fun fabric and pattern to work with.

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Beverly said...

Such an interesting fabric & pattern - and a fun vest.