Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back to Enjoying Sewing

 It took awhile to get back in the sewing mood. But once I did I couldn't stop sewing knit shirts. They are so easy when you have your machine set up and you can go down the line. Also I really like this shirt pattern. The one above was a fun project as I used Marcy's idea and used a juicy t pen to put the polk a dots on a plain fabric. No one knows that I added the polk a dots. Really fun too. My husband says it looks like my pajamas, but I avoid that comment. The vest is one of Marcy's patterns which I made previously.
 This is Marcy's pattern which I am doing the leggings and shirts from. I am also working on the pinafore which I will show you when it is done.

 You can't really see the fabric in these, but it is velvet and has some places of see it has netting and you can see through. I like the legging pattern. I found it fits well and only has one seam inside leg.
 The colors didn't come through very well. This one is rust.
 This one is orange.
This one is peach. This is one of Marcy's old patterns V8636. I have made it before and really like it.


Beverly said...

What do husband's know about fashion, right? I think it looks great. I have that pattern but haven't made it yet, so will be interested in seeing your pinafore.

Dorothy DotDot said...

I really like the look of these items. I just received fabric to make my first pair of leggings. Enjoy your new pieces.

Nancy said...

So good to see you back sewing!