Monday, February 9, 2015

Outside the Lines

I attended the Outside of the lines Retreat in Santa Barbara last week. It was so inspiring. The women that attended were all gifted. We learned a great deal from Diane Ericsson and Karen Nicol. Karen was from England and did unbelievable embroidery.
 Sue Keys dyed us each a purse which we added some stenciling to.
 One of our Canadian students made each one of us a scissor holder.
 Then we got into necklaces. I used some knit fabric selvages that I had cut off when I was making garments. This one has a couple of old buttons.
 This one has three buttons that are covered with knit fabric.
 Then I began to work on a linen man's shirt. Diane had me cut open the sides of the shirt and then I began to add some fabric trim. I cut down the collar. A lot more to go yet.

 We stenciled on some of our fabric pieces.

 Diane makes up several pieces first and then designs them into her garments.

This is some selvedges that I stenciled to use for trim. Diane gave us a lot to think about and use in our creative processes.

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