Sunday, January 18, 2015


I am on a roll getting some lingerie made.
 For the bras I used Ann St. Clair's pattern. My friend gave me some beautiful black lace which I added to the sage green bra.
 For the underpants I used Kwik Sew 2100.

 I used some rayon jersey that was left over from one of my T-shirts and it is so soft.

This one I used some black silk 19mm charmeuse. I cut it on the bias and made it one size bigger to fit, The ruffle elastic on the legs I brought from my Paris trip. The silk feels really good on the skin. I think I will make some more in silk. I used the silk for the straps on the bras as well.


Robin said...

Gorgeous pieces. I always get excited when I see a lingerie post. It builds my confidence level and encourages me to make my own.

Beverly said...

Those look so great. I want to learn to make my own panties.

Andrea said...

Very nice! Silk charmeuse undies are really a treat! I like the wider elastic at the waist, with stretch, but have a hard time finding it. Do you recall your source?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joan, you are a wild one!! They look fabulous. Very Parisian.