Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fajita Skirt

 I attended a workshop with Lyla Messinger and bought this pattern. I am usually not a knit person other then t-shirts, but this pattern is really nice.
 I made it up first in this knit to test out the pattern and found it to be so easy. The skirt hangs well. I shorten it three inches and it seems to be right for my height.

 This is a piece of knit that I bought from Lyla and it worked very well for this skirt pattern. The jacket is a cashmere that I got at a estate sale and this is the first time I wore it. The color of it really makes it pop.
I am amazed at how clever Lyla is in drawing this pattern. The pattern pieces seem like they won't go together, but they do indeed.


Louise Perry said...

This is lovely, I like the shape of it as it is so unusual.

Anonymous said...

I love the maple tree in the background! Such a lovely garden with your lovely outfits!