Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back from Washinton DC

 Was able to visit my brother who lives in Washington DC this last weekend. This cherry tree even had a bloom on the bark of the tree.
 Everything was in bloom there. There were bulbs coming up out of the ground everywhere and trees were beginning to be in bloom. Hotels had pots of yellow and purple pansies ready for the cherry blossom festival this coming weekend. Some of us went early.

 Visited the bonsai display and this tree was from the 1600's. Very unbelievable.
 Then there was the orchid display at the National Botanical Gardens.
Truly enjoyed visiting the Smithsonian Institute. The prize picture that my brother got was a picture of me in front of the White House. It was the same spot that my father took of me when I was 6 years old when he took me to Washington DC. I found that picture in his billfold when he died. He had carried it for 65 years.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay, pictures. Looks beautiful. I think I missed finding you in the picture tho.