Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Plaza Jacket

 Last weekend I attended a workshop and trunk show of Marty Manzo with our PenWag. A wearable art group in Campbell/SanJose area. She was so inspiring. I couldn't wait to get home and complete the jacket from a workshop pattern/Plaza Jacket. She opened our eyes to ways to design a commercial pattern to serve many purposes. I can't wait to go through my stash and see what else I can make from this pattern. Thank you Marty for sharing your gifts with our group.
I took this pattern in 2 inches by folding out both sides from shoulder to hem. I made the back longer then the front by adding 7 inches in the back and 21/2 inches in the front. Since my fabric was a knit I found that my cover stitch machine did the hems best. Now off to some more creating.


Angela Steen said...

Your jacket turned out spectacular! Nice job!

Angela Steen said...
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