Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We had enough of house projects, so we took a day trip. We drove to the bus terminal in Santa Maria. Took the bus to Guadeloupe for the train. Took the train to San Luis Obispo. We had lunch at new restaurant to us. Then the bus back to Santa Maria. It was a beautiful day. You always see so much more when you are riding the bus or train and not driving.
Back to house projects tomorrow. We have to move all of the office and computer parts, so the painter can do his job. We are happy with the new colors that were chosen for the two bedrooms. The carpets in the bedrooms and vinyl in the bathrooms are in. Things just keep getting moved around. It is going to be a real job to getting everything back to the right rooms and put away. I can see that this will be a good time to move on and throw away. Not fabric though. My husband keeps saying that I will help you throw away your stuff when I mention that he will need to go through his things. Should be interesting for a pac rat.

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