Friday, September 28, 2012

Back Yard

Looking around my Dad's back yard. This is a rock that Dad brought back from a camping trip and it looks like a face. This has been sitting on the back porch for years. I am working on how to get it home to put in my garden.

 This is a part from a airplane that he brought home from Northwest Airlines that he worked for. My sister and I called them the bee hives and are very happy that their are two so we can each have one to put in our gardens.
 This is on the railing of his porch. I wish I could figure out how to bring this one home. Another one of his treasures from a camping trip.
 This is the back yard. When I father had the house built in 1965 there were no trees and he loved trees. They have grown and become crowded.
This the side of the yard that you view from the back porch. Just thought you would enjoy seeing how things looked.

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