Thursday, June 28, 2012

Visiting Gardens

 When you are a gardener I think most gardeners like to see other peoples gardens and what they have done with it. This is a garden near my house that I walk by often to see what has been added. This gardener has a small yard and it looks like every patch is used.
 The boulevard has some vegetable garden.
 They must not have babies at their house any more.
 Perhaps the teens are growing up too.
Doesn't look like the RV gets used for camping any more, so why not use it for a garden.
I love seeing what this gardener does.

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Lora Martin said...

Hey Joan,

Thanks for sharing the garden photos. I sent the photo of the jeans planter to my cousin because she makes purses, pillows, and aprons from old jeans and thought she might get a kick out of it. Maybe she could plant some jeans in her front yard as subtle advertising (or not, since it is slightly creepy).