Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A vest of sorts

I attended a lecture and workshop of Linda Lee's last weekend up in San Jose at the wearable art group PenWag. I bought this pattern. It is very interesting as it is actually made from a square.
I had a piece of old silk I had gotten at a estate sale. It was discolored and had some spots and some holes in it. I soaked it three times and got it to come back into a beautiful light peach, but there was still one spot that would not come out. So I dyed it with colorhue dye. I tried to cut around the holes. There was one I couldn't avoid. I also made the mistake of laying the fabric next to where I was mixing the dye and it splashed onto the fabric. So that is where the little roses I made of the same fabric to use for a cover. It is interesting how mistakes and holes force one to be creative and add a new dimension.

This one was done with 14" wide kimonos silk pieces sewn together. Added beads at the points to hang down.

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