Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Vest

The pattern I used is from Purrfection, 1007 Kimono Jacket and Vest. I had seen it done up by Laura Murray. I like the way it turned out, so now I would like to make up another one from the pattern. Maybe a jacket this time. My husband's niece is turning 21 next month, so I made this for her.
I have been collecting old linen napkins from estate sells. I dyed three with procion dye, better black and imperial purple. There is one large one on the back and two in the front that were scalloped on the edge and had cut work on the corners. There is a piece of silk free motioned on under the zipper rose. The loop for the button is a tie that I saved from the old kimonos that I took apart.
I think linings should be interesting. This one has lime green commercial fabric on the back and hand dyed on the fronts. The collar band is painted and batiked.

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