Friday, August 27, 2010

More Thoughts

Today I thought of my Mother often. I realize it takes sometime for the reality to set in. I went into the jewelry store today to pick up some jewelry that I had repaired. As I entered the door I thought my Mother died yesterday. These people did not know my Mother so I do not need to tell them that she died. And then I thought she loved jewelry so. That must be why I have always loved it to.

Another thought occurred to me today. When I was spending time with my Mother a couple of weeks ago I looked at her legs and her feet. She had heart congestion and her legs and feet had swollen up so much as the fluid wasn't being pumped out any more. She even had blisters on her legs that the fluid was flowing into. Her socks and shoes would get wet. It was like the fluid had to go somewhere. I thought I want to do something to bring her comfort. I brought a pan with warm water and began to soak and wash her feet. As I was down on my knees and doing this I remembered the bible story of Jesus washing his disciples feet. I said to my Mother do you remember this bible verse from the bible. She said yes. I realized that God was having me cleanse her of all of her sins. Since I had forgiven her he had chosen me.

The other thought that I began to work though today was the word love. When I called my Mother on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday the last thing she said to me was I love you and then I said my last good bye. Even though it wasn't a love that a mother and daughter usually has. What was it? My Mother hadn't said those words to me in my life time except for the last few conversations. There was admiration for the courage and strength that I had shown in some of my life's challenges. Perhaps some amazement at my life choices. Some feelings of wishing she could of done the same. I often felt she lived though me with listening to my stories. Even though she didn't like pictures, she did like the pictures I created. It sounded so exciting to her in her little world. So today I thought of the what those words I love you meant. They were not the usual, but they were her words.

Thanks again for listening.

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