Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Shoes

Now what do you think about these? First I made a trip to the thrift shop and found a pair of black leather shoes. Then I attended Margot Silk Forest's shoe redesigning class. I painted these with Lumiere paint. Then took a old zipper apart and gathered each side and sewed one side to the top of each shoe. Plan on wearing these to a wedding in Minnesota where my conservative relatives are sure that Californians are way out. I am sure that this will confirm their thoughts.


Diana Parkes said...

Love these shoes? What a great idea.

Diana Parkes said...

whoops! ? meant to be !

Lora Martin said...

Too much fun! I was just admiring the ones I'll never wear that I did at one of our Fibervision workshop. Did you see them on my blog several posts back.

Rachele said...

cute shoes! I'm actually in the process of redesigning some shoes as well. I can't seem to find lumiere paint in any nearby stores..where did you get it?

thanks :)