Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Shibori Methods

This scarf was dyed with colorhue dyes. The first was turquoise and then I pulled it through the holes of a rubber kitchen sink matt which I got at the 99c store. I had to cut it in half to make it cover the length of the scarf. Then it was dyed sky blue. This was another method that Glennis Dolce shared with her online class. I like the effect.


Chris said...

What a cool idea. I really want to try those color hue dyes.

Judy Rys said...

Gotta love those cheap sink mats. I have several that I use for rubbings and deconstructed dyeing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you didn't do the tying-not a lot of contrast. also looks like there wasn't enough fabric pulled through the holes in the sinkmat to create the needed compression to resist the dye.

i'd love to see you try it again and post another one-

thanks for sending me your link.

Judy said...

I really like your results!

Happy Easter!