Friday, January 22, 2010

Pole Wrapping Class

Today I had a class on pole wrapping. First we took a silk scarf, after soaking it in soda ash and put it in a plastic bag and then procion dye is added and some vinegar. It is put in the microwave for 3 minutes. Then rinsed out in water. Ironed.
Now to wrap the pole with the scarf. Tape the tip of the scarf to the pvc pipe and begin wrapping string or dental floss around the pipe. The scarf is wrapped around the pipe at somewhat of a angle.
Wrap the string around for a distance.
Then push up the scarf and then wrap some more string. Continue wrapping with string and pushing the scarf up to the end of the pole.
Make sure you remove any tape that is on the scarf as the dye won't dye there. Now soak in soda ash again and begin the dying again. Add vinegar and then bag it up for 24 hours.

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Judy said...

You and I are classmates in Glennis' Shibori class! I'm interested in hearing more about the technique you used here. Did you microwave the scarf again after 24 hours or was the dye set?