Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Continuing Quilting

This the fifth day of quilting. Maybe tomorrow it will be done.
Before I started quilting on this quilt, I worked on this piece of art cloth. It was quite fun to experiment with ways to make images. I used a piece of construction fencing or temporary fencing I talked the manager of Home Depot in cutting off a big roll that you were suppose to buy the whole thing. It was $29. and I only needed a couple of feet. I am sure he hadn't heard of using this fence to paint with, but he was very nice and humored me. It is plastic so you can wipe the paint off of it afterward. I used setacolor and extender and sponges. Then I used a piece of screen, foam circles(another Home Depot expenditure...foam for insulating pipes) and then my absolutely favorite the feet of my egg masher. Now doesn't that sound like a real adventure?

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