Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Jacket

This is a origami jacket using squares. I dyed the fabric with procion dyes. The front and back squares I silk screened thicken procion dye for images. Each square is quilted. Some with beads added. Some free motion also. I used covered cord to form a button hole and a decoration. I used a felted ball for a button.

I used Rami Kim's book Quilted Elegance for the idea of the quilted pattern and I really like the look it gives. I also used polished cotton and it has a nice sheen which gives the jacket a rich look. I used Rosemary Eichorn's book The Art of Fabric Collage for the idea of the covered cord. She does a nice job of explaining how to cover the cord and then ideas as to what to use it for. Some nice added details for a jacket. I have had her book for a long time and have always been going to do some of the collage work. Maybe this is a beginning.

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