Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marcy Tilton Workshop

This weekend I drove down to LA to attend my wearable art connection meeting and was blessed to attend Marcy Tilton's Workshop. I think we connected because we are both from St. Paul, Minnesota. It was so inspiring and she filled our heads with so much information.

This is one of the T shirts that I screened.
This is the back of a screened shirt.
The front of a screened shirt. She showed us how to cut the sleeves off and add complimentary fabric sleeves. I haven't completed that part yet, but have laid the material so you could in vision how it is going to look.
These are the patterns I have of Marcy's and will probably spend the summer creating from them with the new techniques I have learned.
Here Marcy is wearing the T shirt that she has cut up and redesigned. She has two different fabrics for sleeves, has screened it and replaced the neck binding and run a cut down the front. She believes that you should look really nice even when you are at home doing the dishes at the sink. So she wears these all the time. She takes a trip to Paris every year to get ideas for her designs.

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